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Gift ideas for book lovers (that aren't books)


gift ideas for book lovers
If you are shopping for the book lovers in your life, you have probably already realized that buying them yet another book for their collection would be a bad gift idea. If they like it, they probably already have multiple copies of it somewhere in the stash.

Think outside the box when giving a gift to a bibliophile. Do they truly need another book for their collection? Just say 'no' to books as a gift idea. Instead, why not consider some gift options for a book lover that aren't actually books?

The ultimate book lover's present

If you really like the bibliophile on your list, perhaps you should buy them the very latest e-book reader for Christmas. Not only are e-book readers great for the environment since they aren't made of paper, they are also easier for your loved one to manage.

I like traditional books as much if not more than the next person, but even I admit they can get heavy quickly when lugged around the house. With an e-book reader, your favourite book lover needs to carry around only one thin volume instead of that copy of War and Peace that they have been toting around for a week.

An iPad is probably the most popular e-book reader these days what with the Mac star rising high, and every person who has received one of these from me has loved it. Plenty of books available for your reading pleasure, a long battery life, easy to recharge, and does more than e-reading between books. What's not to like? Add a gift card to one of these to stock it with e-books, and you will have yourself a happy gift recipient.

Accessorize a book collection properly

Never lose your page in the book again

Don't destroy precious books by dog-earing the page corners. Use a bookmark to hold your place for the next reading session. Big readers will frequently read several books at once and thus can never have enough bookmarks. I would recommend a wooden bookmark as it would be sturdier and more durable under daily usage than a cheap paper or cardstock bookmark.

Need help with those nightly relationship issues?

If you like to go to sleep before your bed partner then you well know that a bright reading lamp at night can be annoying. With one of these convenient book lights though, the problem is solved. Your reading light will illuminate the pages of your book rather than your partner's side of the bed. Consider it a gift that keeps on giving when you don't have to sleep on the sofa with your book. One of these clip-on type lights is easy to use with a sturdy clip to attach to your book or headboard.

Mark the gift-giving occasion with a bookplate

Most book lovers (myself included) have a habit of lending out books. The best way to keep track of which ones are yours and which are loaners is with bookplates. Inscribe your name on the plate and lend away without worry! Should you gift a book to someone, you can easily record the date and occasion on the plate so they can have a fond memory for years to come.

Make library visits easy with a book tote bag

There can be no better gift for someone who is trying to read through their whole local library than a bag in which to carry their goodies. A large canvas tote bag is especially useful in damp weather to avoid stray books falling from a teetering pile into snow or a puddle. (One can hope that the bag will never need upgrading to a piece of rolling luggage.)

Don't lose track of the day while reading

A good book can be truly engrossing and keep a reader entertained for days. Forget about "one more chapter" taking several extra hours before bed -- have you ever lost track of days while reading an entire series? A book-themed page-a-day calendar may be just the thing if this is a frequent occurrence for your dearest book lover.