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My book review policy

My book review policy
While their are numerous literary genres, all books fall into two basic categories: fiction or non-fiction. Which one a reader enjoys and reads regularly is purely personal preference.

I am no longer much of a fiction reader, to be honest, outside of graphic novels (aka "dramatic comic books"). Non-fiction is very much to my liking though: gardening and nature, science, cooking (not cookbooks -- more like Michael Pollan about the difference between eating food and eating some manufacturer's chemistry experiment), an occasional history (depends on time period), or biography. I also have a huge amount of metaphysical books -- I think that's the largest part of my library at this time.

The types of books I review

I currently review the books that are in my extensive personal library, and I am currently taking the time to ensure my records are up-to-date for both currently-owned and to-be-read books. As a book lover I am always pleased to receive new books to read and review, even when I have to buy the books myself.

I am also willing to review books that authors or publishers may send me as part of promoting their new books, provided that said book(s) fit my normal reading habits. My time is almost entirely my own, so I tend to review books shortly after I receive them. I have a set reading break after lunch each day to review new arrivals.

My book reviews -- how I review a book

How to write a book review The type of books reviewed reflects the fact that I have been reading and collecting books since I was a child. Both of my parents were well-read and encouraged a daily reading habit.

The primary purpose of writing a book review is after all to review and critique the book with the intent of enticing other readers to pick up the book and read it, or to convince them not to bother with reading it. This means rather than re-telling the story contained therein, I record my reactions to the events in the book.

I presently review both fiction and non-fiction books, adult and children's books, in fact anything that I have read -- books of all genres. I have a huge to-read list, and am always adding more to the list. If I enjoy a book or otherwise find it a useful addition to my library, I rate high. It is rare for me to completely dislike a book enough to give a low rating, although some books are definitely better than others.

My book reviews will be honest and fair to both the author and to potential readers. The reviews themselves are fairly short, and give a brief overview of the details of the book as part of the review. I generally include a note about the subject matter for non-fiction books, and also whether I feel this book is or is not a good reference on the subject. I rarely read fiction at this time as I have a tendency to be overly-critical of character development and consistency. In the event I do review a fictional book, I do not include spoilers as that would ruin it for other readers.

Questions I ask while writing a book review

Have your book reviewed

If your book sounds like it might be of interest to me, contact me with the details. If you send me your book, I will review it. After reading the book I will post a short, honest review of it.

Authors who send me their books will never receive a hostile review, although books will be reviewed honestly. At worst it will be something that I don't find useful or interesting, but it is very rare for me to actively dislike a book so much that I cannot finish it. I cannot guarantee a good review but will criticize politely and attempt to highlight any good points.

I am very happy to review any books sent to me by authors, publishers, and other book distributors. Book reviews are currently being posted to whichever of my site(s) is relevant to the subject.

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