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How to write a book review


How to write a book review
There are many types of book reviews: book reviews for school and college, professional book reviews for newspapers and magazines, book reviews for a book blog, and reviews for a bookseller such as Amazon.

While these seem varied, they share a common purpose: to write a review of a book.

Why write a book review

The primary thing to remember about writing a book review is that you are reviewing and critiquing the book. The purpose of a book review is not to re-tell the story contained therein, but rather is to entice other readers to pick up the book and read it, or to convince them not to bother with reading it. This is especially important with a biography: review the book, not the subject of the book. For a fictional work, describe your reactions to the events in the story rather than attempt to re-tell the story.

Your book review should be honest, and it should be fair to the author and to your readers. In other words, write a balanced review. It should be well-written, and should hold the attention of your readers long enough for them to know whether or not they are interested in reading and/or buying the book.

You are not required to like the book, or to say that you liked it when you didn't. If you did not like it, say so, but be kind and respectful in explaining your reasons for not liking or not recommending the book to your readers. You should also be kind to the author when saying so.

Remember, even negative reviews can be helpful. Some potential readers may specifically seek out negative reviews when deciding if they might enjoy a particular book.

Tip: Please do not include spoilers in your book reviews if you review fiction. Don't ruin it for other readers.

Questions to ask while writing a book review

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