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How to encourage children to read


how to encourage children to read
A love of reading should be cultivated from a young age. By encouraging children to develop a habit of reading, you can give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Sit down with a child you know and read one of your childhood favourites to them. The simple act of reading with your child opens the doors to endless possibilities without ever leaving the house. If the child enjoys the book, you may have just created a book lover for life!

How soon should we start reading to children? The sooner the better! It is never too soon to introduce the world of books to children. In today's high-tech world, fewer children are developing a book habit, preferring instead to engage in activities on their electronic gadgets.

Five ways reading is good for children

Reading broadens your child's sphere of experience

A habit of reading can transport children to worlds they may never personally experience. Reading about the adventures of classic folkloric characters such as Robin Hood, Sinbad, and Robinson Crusoe helps children experience new and thrilling experiences which are so very different from everyday life.

Reading sharpens children's minds

Having a habit of reading helps to sharpen the thought processes of children. It increases their attention span (the ability to concentrate on a particular focus at length). We all know of young children who are so restless that they can't keep still for more than a few moments.

Reading to children encourages them to sit down long enough listen to a story and look at the pictures. In the beginning it may be just a short story but with time the story may grow in length and in detail. It also helps them to build listening skills.

Reading encourages language development

By reading aloud, children become familiar with the cadences of spoken language. It expands their vocabularies to include new words with every book. This becomes valuable when children start school.

Reading to children encourages stronger bonds with the adults around them

A habit of reading at bed time is one of the easiest routines to implement at home. Bedtime reading is the best quality times a parent can spend with a child since it is a time when parents set aside a time to focus on the child. The child looks forward to this time knowing it is set time dedicated to him or her. This is an excellent way to build strong bonds, and it helps to foster one on one communication with our children.

Reading picture books develops creativity

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". How very true indeed! A habit of reading picture books early on will help children to develop an appreciation of the arts as they are exposed to different styles and illustrations. We all can have a better understanding of a story when exposed to pictures and rather than just words.