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How to request a book through interlibrary loan


How to request a book through interlibrary loan
What is interlibrary loan? Interlibrary loan is a system in which library patrons can request a copy of a book from another library within that system. The home library places the request, then makes the book available to the patron once it arrives.

Depending on the library system, patrons may also be able to borrow audio and video recordings, sheet music, and microfiche in addition to books.

The book request process

The specific form required for a request depends on the library system. In some areas with a well-connected computer network it may be possible to request books directly from other libraries within that system via the computer network.

In other areas (typical more rural), there is an actual paper form to fill out with information such as the book's title, author, and code. Once the form has been completed, it may be turned in at the main counter for a librarian to place the request for that book.

After placing an interlibrary loan request, one of two things may happen:

Note: Requests for rare or otherwise fragile items may take longer to complete (up to several weeks) due to transportation issues.

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