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How to make a book cover -- tips and tricks


how to make a book cover
What is a book cover? A book cover is a protective covering used on the exterior of a book. The basic homemade brown paper book cover has been largely superseded by dust jackets on hardcover books, but paperbooks still must do without a protective covering. It is easy to make a custom book cover to personalize any book in your home library with a few basic supplies that you probably already have around the house.

Why make a book cover

A book cover exists to protect your book. Not only is this an important factor during back to school season when your children's schoolbooks should be covered to protect them from weather and rambunctious children, but any of the books in your personal home library which are without a proper dust jacket (most paperbacks, for example) should also be protected. If you take care of your books, they will last longer.

Make your own book cover

Supplies to make a book cover

how to make a book cover

Step one: open the bag flat

Cut along the side seams of the bag to open it flat. Once open, you can place your book in the center of the flattened paper.

Step two: fold the ends over

Fold the long ends of the bag over so it fits snugly around the book. If you have a lot of excess paper at the top and bottom, feel free to trim to size.

how to make a book cover how to make a book cover

Step three: cut out the spine area

Make diagonal cuts on either side of the spine, and tuck the excess paper in along the spine. Make sure your cuts are angled enough to close the book.

Step four: check the fit

Take a moment at this point to check the fit of the book cover. If you need to make any adjustments so it both fits snugly and closes properly, do so now.

how to make a book cover how to make a book cover

Step five: fold up and fasten the edges

Fold the edges of the book cover up to cover the edges of the book. Fasten with two pieces of tape (one around the edge, one on the interior). Repeat for all edges.

Step six: decorate and admire

Once you have finished the actual book cover, you can decorate it with drawings, stickers, stamps, etc as you see fit. When you are done, admire your hard work.

how to make a book cover how to make a book cover

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