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How to make a bookmark -- tips and tricks


how to make a bookmark
What is a bookmark? A bookmark is a small piece of thin cardstock (or occasionally wood or metal) used to mark one's place in a book. Don't destroy precious books by dog-earing the page corners. Use a bookmark to hold your place for the next reading session, which is far preferable rather than folding down page corners.

Although many bookmarks are personalized, a bookmark is not a permanent addition to the book the way a bookplate would be. Not only that, but big readers will frequently read several books at once and thus can never have enough bookmarks.

Commission a bookmark

While you can technically use any random piece of paper you have laying around (receipts are commonly used in our household), an actual bookmark is better. If you order a custom bookmark, it is easy to tell whose book is whose at a glance. You will be able to choose your design, cardstock weight, and colours.

Custom bookmarks can be ordered from an artist specializing in printing. Why not support a local print shop by ordering locally?

World Bookmark Day is 25 February 2018

Make your own bookmark

Alternately, you can make your own bookmark right at home using one of two methods.

Use a rubber stamp

Buy a rubber stamp with a design of your choosing. You might alternately choose to carve your own stamp design, but if you already have a personal logo stamp, this would be a good use for it. If you go this route, you will need an ink pad to use with your stamp.

Create a digital bookmark design

If you are not reasonably skilled at carving, you can design your own bookmark with Adobe Photoshop, or even Paint. This is not necessarily an economical method to create a bookmark as you will have to buy a packet of thin cardstock to print off your designs. Most standard bookmarks are 2" x 6" as this will fit comfortably into a standard paperback book.

Tip: Once your basic bookmark is complete, feel free to dress up your bookmark with a ribbon or thread tassel to make it even easier to see where your bookmark is in the book.

Using a bookmark

Once you have created a suitable bookmark, you are all set to start using it. Simply place your new bookmark at whatever point in the book you stopped reading. Take it out of the book when you have time to read more. It's that simple!

Collecting bookmarks

If one bookmark is not enough (or if you enjoy the artwork), you might consider swapping bookmarks with other collectors. If you can't find a bookmark collector club, start your own!

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