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Support indie bookstores


support indie bookstores
Since Amazon started to spread its wings in 1995, it seemed to be a death knell for independent booksellers. Even smaller chains such Borders and Waldenbooks (remember them?) have gone under as casualties to Amazon's wingspan. It was a dark day for book lovers.

Then, an amazing thing happened: indie bookstores began to recover. By "keeping it local", a spirit of community was fostered. And the movement continued to spread.

Why support your local independent bookstore?

It keeps things local

If you buy books from the shop up the street, your money stays in the community. Your tax dollars go to support local schools. Local communities thrive when local businesses thrive. You don't get that with a big-box bookstore.

It helps the environment

A certain big-box bookstore is literally a big box bookstore in the waste of packaging materials. Giant boxes for tiny items wastes resources. Shipping things from a central warehouse wastes resources.

On the other hand, you can carry a reusable bag or two to the local indie bookstore to fill up.

It's paramount to have a choice

Local booksellers will stock a wide variety of books that will be popular in that particular community. They curate their stock, and are also happy to take requests if you're looking for something in particular. Booksellers can gear their front windows to that community.

What do you get from a big-box bookstore? Bestsellers, seasonal trends, Oprah's Bookclub recommendations. If you want unique book recommendations, shop indie.

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