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Gift ideas for writers (that aren't a notebook)


gift ideas for writers
If you are shopping for the writers in your life, you have probably already realized that buying them yet another notebook to jot down their brilliant ideas would be a bad gift idea. Are they using all the ones they already have? Say 'no' to notebooks as a gift idea. Instead, why not consider some gift options for a writer that aren't actually a notebook?

Writing tools

Go digital when writing

Why waste paper by filling notebooks with numerous drafts of one's writing? Enter the digital age by using modern technology to store those drafts. A basic tablet with an added USB or Bluetooth keyboard can make it easy to write anytime and anywhere that an idea strikes. Choose a tablet with a larger storage capacity than you think should be needed since it is difficult to add memory to these things later on.

I prefer a smaller size tablet because it fits easily into a handbag or deep pocket, but sometimes it can be difficult to write on such a small screen. A tablet with a bigger form-factor may be better for someone who prefers a larger screen to work on.

Luddite writers unite

Many writers -- myself included -- still feel the need to sketch out our ideas using pen and paper. (What can I say, sometimes technology can be daunting.) Why not make their idea brainstorming a treat with an elegant fountain pen? No more cheap ballpoint pens that run out of ink at that critical moment. If one takes the time to keep the fountain pen filled and ink bottle at the ready, a writer is always ready when inspiration strikes. Add a small bottle of good quality ink to this, and your favourite writer is good to start writing their next piece!

Check grammar and spelling

Keep one's spelling and grammar errors to a minimum with a handy pocket guide for each. These can be rounded out with a respected writing style guide such as The Chicago Manual of Style to improve one's writing "voice". Books about the writing process itself can also be helpful to those new to the writing field. A bit of fine-tuning can always make a better piece of writing!

Banish writer's block

Get those creative juices flowing properly

If your favourite writer is prone to writer's block, help them along with a creative thinking game. Word games, refrigerator poetry, and related challenges can be just the thing to get the brain moving in the right direction.